Project Madison


1960s Office Revenge!

In Project Madison, play a disgruntled 1960s secretary determined to enact revenge on Jeff, her nemesis. Use the environment and your work relationships to get Jeff fired from his cushy job!

During the day explore, spy on desks and hidden objects, make friends, and get in the boss’ good books by doing all your work. During the night use your limited time for mischief: stealing, breaking locks, or destroying important documents.

Jeff’s got it coming, and it’s up to YOU to decide how!

  • Dynamic setting featuring interactable NPCs and environment, and multiple work tasks.
  • One goal that can be achieved in several ways over the course of three in-game days and nights.
  • Multiple game phases allowing for different, specific actions.
  • NPC schedules and conversations that change daily.
  • NPC trust and gifting system.
Work & Achievements
  • Co-designed a highly interactive world to engage and surprise the player
  • Co-designed and tutorialised game mechanics (craft, interact, tamper, buy)
  • Co-designed a coherent world and setting, themed around 1960s NYC
  • Designed + implemented a contextual conversation system
  • Designed + implemented an NPC trust system
  • Designed + implemented simple cinematics
  • Created and wrote dialogue for 12 NPCs



Game / Narrative Designer

Project Data
  • PC / Mac
  • 2019 (March-May)
  • Unity / C# + Fungus plug-in